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DOWNLOAD: 91a9df3213. Related links: . CutePress and CuteHotspot are the registered trademarks of Laiyun Ltd. Download? Canute FHC software for calculating flow rates in fire protection systems. DOWNLOAD: Countdown Timer-1. Related links:  . Download. Product. About fhccanutesoftwarecrack DOWNLOAD: 428c38a5d1. Related links: See also List of firefighting equipment Standard alerting device References External links Canute Hydraulic Calculator Advanced Fire Protection Solutions . . . Category:Hydraulics Category:Emergency management tools Category:Fire protection Category:Firefighting equipmentQ: Table row data with json_encode() I have a table row that I want to be the source of a JSON array. The table row is populated from a mysql database using the json_encode() function. This works perfectly fine. However I want to change this so that each table row is the source of the data in a JSON object. $result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `mytable`"); while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) { $details = json_encode($row['details']); $type = json_encode($row['type']); $name = json_encode($row['name']); $qty = json_encode($row['qty']); $total = json_encode($row['total']); $subtotal = json_encode($row['subtotal']); $addtocart = json_encode($row['addtocart']); } How can I modify the code above so that each row is the source of the data in the JSON object? A: Don't use json_encode(), since you're already using it when generating your array of data. If you want to modify the current array, use array_merge










Fhccanutesoftwarecrack paljez

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